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The term ‘Safe Sport’ is defined as “physical and emotional safety which includes concussion and injury prevention, and environments free from bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination and other forms of maltreatment”.

Sincere thanks to Sport Law for their facilitation of the toolkit development process and to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generous funding support. 


What training is required for our stakeholders? 

With the required policies in place, training all stakeholders is the next step in establishing a safe sport environment. It is critical that everyone understand their role in creating safe and thriving sport environments. Here you will find a list of required minimum training for all stakeholders.


Based on the Screening and Training Matrix completed in the policy implementation, your organization will understand the minimum training requirements for each stakeholder group. Training promotes prevention and ongoing monitoring/intervention for continuous improvement while ensuring the requirements are sustainable.


If there is a resource which you think should be added to the Toolkit, please get in touch


Send your customized Screening and Training Matrix which identifies your organization’s training and screening requirements to all stakeholders connected to your organization including current or potential coaches.

Post the link to CAC’s Safe Sport Participants Training on your organization’s website, social media/Facebook page, and any other place the organization communicates digitally.

Create a tracking system to track training and screening completion. Your organization may be able to work with your NSO or the CAC to track completion of training requirements. Contact CAC to assist with this.

Instruct all stakeholders including athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, officials and volunteers to complete CAC’s Safe Sport Participants Training and track their completion.

Share the recorded Athlete and Coach Safe Sport Expectations Webinar with your stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, officials, and volunteers, to watch by a certain date, and track completion.

Read the Guidelines for Continuous Improvement and implement accordingly on a regular basis.

Post and/or send any other training links or resources that are important to your organization to create a safe and thriving sport environment.

Repeat all steps annually.



A toolkit to help Ottawa sport organizations foster safe, welcoming and inclusive sport environments. 

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