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The term ‘Safe Sport’ is defined as “physical and emotional safety which includes concussion and injury prevention, and environments free from bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination and other forms of maltreatment”.

Sincere thanks to Sport Law for their facilitation of the toolkit development process and to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generous funding support. 


What are the Safe Sport Policies required to ensure consistency and quality across the Ottawa community sport sector?

Policies are critical to ensure community sport organizations are protected and are protecting their members. Below you will find a comprehensive suite of Safe Sport Policy Templates (SSPS). These templates are designed to establish a baseline that can be adapted and enhanced to meet the specific needs of local sport organizations.

Also below you will find: 

  • Safe Sport Policy 101 Video and Resources (to explain Safe Sport Policy Suite and how to get started) 

  • Safe Sport Toolkit Implementation Webinar for Administrators 

  • Safe Sport Policy Activation Webinar 


The goal of the policy component of the toolkit is to enable community sport organizations to implement and share policies with stakeholders in ways that are accessible and understandable at all levels.


If there is a resource which you think should be added to the Toolkit, please get in touch


Watch the Safe Sport Policy 101 Video and check out the Safe Sport Policy 101 resources to understand what is available to support you which includes the SSPS Summary Sheet, Safe Sport Tips for Athletes, Safe Sport Tips for Coaches, and Code of Conduct Checklists for all your stakeholders

Participate in or watch the Safe Sport Policy Activation Webinar.

Read the Safe Sport Policy Templates (SSPS), either before or after the Safe Sport Policy Activation Webinar so you are aware of the intent of each policy and what you will need to do to implement them.

Create your own SSPS based on the SSPS templates by contacting the Ottawa Sport Council for a word version of the templates.

Determine if any amendments (that don’t change the intent of the policy) are needed and make any amendments necessary.  Be sure to customize the Screening and Training Matrix (Appendix A of the Screening Policy to match your organization’s screening and training requirements identified in your Screening Policy.

Determine if any amendments are needed and make any amendments necessary to the Code of Conduct and Ethics and related Code of Conduct Checklists.

Determine if any other amendments are needed and make any amendments necessary to any other policies within the SSPS templates.

Double-check to make sure your SSPS refers to your organization by name throughout the policy suite OR names your organization as “the Organization” in the ‘Definitions’ section and then refers to “the Organization” throughout your SSPS. 

Submit a motion for your organization’s Board of Directors to adopt your customized SSPS.

Once approved, post your SSPS or a link to it on your organization’s website and/or social media/Facebook page.

Once your Screening Policy has been customized and adopted by your organization’s Board of Directors, read and share your screening and training requirements in your Screening and Training Matrix, so you and others are aware of the requirements and your responsibilities to ensure the requirements are met by everyone in your organization.

Send your Code of Conduct and Ethics and related Checklists to all relevant stakeholders, including athletes, parents, coaches, officials and administrators, to be signed with a deadline for returning.

Send the Safe Sport Tips for Athletes and Safe Sport Tips for Coaches to your athletes and coaches and let them know they are based on your SSPS.

Implement the Engagement element of the Ottawa Safe Sport Toolkit Framework to discuss and review policy questions and concerns.

Repeat all steps annually. If you have already approved all policies, just determine whether any updates are needed annually.



A toolkit to help Ottawa sport organizations foster safe, welcoming and inclusive sport environments. 

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